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The Science Center of Iowa (SCI) is thrilled to support the Des Moines Music Coalition this summer at the 80/35 Music Festival on July 7th and 8th!  SCI is bringing its Star Parties to the Kid’s Zone! Star Parties are a chance to have fun while exploring the universe with hands on and minds on learning. Safely view sun spots and solar flares through high powered telescopes with our Star Gazing Guides. Conduct an experiment with ultraviolet light and make your own color changing bracelet. Get creative with paint and spin art while learning about nebulae. This is an experience that is tailored for the whole family!

At the Science Center of Iowa, we do all things space! Whether traveling the state with our Mobile Planetarium or showing Iowa Skies Tonight in our onsite Star Theater Planetarium, we want families to look up at the sky and continue to wonder what’s out there.  SCI’s Star Theater is the most advanced planetarium in the state, providing an immersive experience that allows visitors to take a trip through the cosmos. Fly through Saturn’s rings and visit Jupiter’s moons in breathtaking 4k resolution rendered in real time.

Join SCI in the Kid’s Zone this year and bring your wonder and curiosity!

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