Doncaster, South Yorkshire, England

Alt rock

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Hey folks. We have some bad news. Unfortunately, Yungblud's tour bus has broken down. He’s no longer able to make it to Des Moines today and will not perform at 80/35. We’re obviously bummed; it’s never easy when things like this happen. The show will go on though! We have The Maytags now taking the Hy-Vee Main Stage at 5pm.

Yungblud has injected an unruly vitality into the musical landscape, setting his social commentary to a guitar-fueled sound. With his powerful energy and unhinged charisma, Yungblud, otherwise known as Dominic Harrison, spent much of 2018 on the road, bringing his message of anti-conformity to a fast-growing and fired-up audience.

Born in Yorkshire, Harrison picked up a guitar at age two, began writing his own songs at age 10, and moved to London to kick-start his music career. Arriving in July 2018, his debut full-length album 21st Century Liability found Yungblud channeling his outrage into songs both confrontational and immediately infectious. “This last year’s just been mad; I feel like I’m building something real: a community of people who feel like they can be themselves, no matter what the world tells them to be.”

Now at work on his sophomore album, Yungblud has begun drawing inspiration from the stories fans have shared with him on the road. “I’m so inspired by stories like that—it’s exactly the kind of liberation we need to move the world forward,” says Harrison. “My first album was me introducing what I’m all about, and now that I’ve done that, I want to make it more about the people I’ve gotten to meet. Instead of just having everyone listen to me scream, I want the music to be like a  conversation—so we can all come together and build a community that’s undeniable.”

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