The Other Brothers

Des Moines, Iowa

Rock / Blues

The Other Brothers are a rock & blues trio born and bred out of the midwest. Frontman Eli Clark smokes on the harmonica and guitar while the red hot rhythm is provided by Jason Kadiwhompus on drums and Lorenz Inez on bass. Together, their sound is driving and classic, yet undeniably fresh. A typical Other Brothers show sounds like a combination of ZZ Top, CCR, and Link Wray, to name a few. However, no two gigs are exactly the same.

Over the last year, the boys have been touring in support of their second studio album, Born out of Tune; most notably appearing at a standing-room-only debut at Kansas City’s Westport Saloon and winning runner-up at The Iowa Blues Challenge. 2019 holds exciting things for The Other Brothers. Inspired by their travels, a new full-length record releases this summer, followed by a tour spanning uncharted distances.

Set times

Saturday @ 3:45 PM



Friday @ 8:45 PM

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