Des Moines, Iowa

Hip hop

MarKaus approaches hip hop as rebellion and revolution from a conscious rap perspective, drawing musical influence from TechN9ne, Nas, and Gucci Mane, accented with tinges of rock, soul and jazz. From growing up in Kansas City to making a new home and starting life as an entrepreneur in Des Moines, his message resonates with the public. Markaus’ music and lyrics keep in mind the struggles of everyday people, and calls for action and change. 

A Kansas City transplant, MarKaus is not just challenging the music scene, but the societal mis-deeds and political climate most of us see every day. Speaking truth to power is not new in the world of hip hop, but MarKaus does it with a certain aplomb that only comes with supreme confidence. Not with the swagger of a champagne room denizen, but with the bravado of an underdog who knows he’ll break things open through the sheer will of his ability and the eagerness with which the words are bubbling with pressure to be released.

Fresh Off the release of his small batch whiskey line “Ziyad Rye” MarKaus continues to dominate the region. 

Set times

Friday @ 6:45 PM



Saturday @ 3:45 PM

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