Left Is West

Des Moines, Iowa


Left Is West is a rock band from Des Moines, Iowa shaped around the work of singer-songwriter Chad O'Neall. In late 2018, the group released its third album,How to Be Happy Without Even Trying. The newest collection of songs follows 2006's Alive Between the Record Sleeves and 2011's Souvenirs from Past Lives.

Originally formed in 2004, Left Is West now features O’Neall (vocals, guitar), Matt Wellendorf (lead guitar), Pat Curtis (drums), John Parrish (bass), and Matt Jesson (keyboards). The current lineup started playing together in mid-2013. The members of Left Is West have been part of several active or defunct musical projects including Brother Trucker, Monday Mourners, North of Grand, The Riff Raff, Radio Caroline, Three Legged Dawg, and Soapbox Prophets.

Left Is West's latest album marries the sonic power of classic guitar rock with a keen sense of song craft to create music that speaks to Foo Fighters and Aimee Mann fans alike. Also recommended for fans of: Guided By Voices, The Replacements, The Who.

Left Is West self-recorded and produced How to Be Happy Without Even Trying, laying down the basic tracks in the winter of 2016. “There was no real conscious thought process at the front end other than to craft solid songs with strong melodies and good, hooky guitar parts,” O’Neall said. “If there's any thematic thread, it would probably be a certain sense of fraying relationships - whether through divorce, death, betrayal, mental health issues, growing up or what have you.” The cover art was created by Erich Ernst and the album was mastered by Doug Van Sloun in Omaha.

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