Des Moines, Iowa

Hip hop

LAV.ISH is a creative collective emerging out of Des Moines, Iowa. Formed in 2017, the group was incepted while they were graduating college. The group’s two primary voices, Carl Lane III and Nim Kaufman, teamed up with five producers and instrumentalists, and LAV.ISH was born. LAV.ISH released their debut single, “Pass it Around” on New Years Day in 2018. They would go on to release their debut album "With A Dot In The Middle" in May of that year, gathering hundreds of thousands of streams on major steaming platforms. They spent the summer playing shows around the Midwest before following up with their sophomore project "LAY.ERS", a 5-track EP released in October of 2018. They finished out the year with more shows, including opening for Lizzo at the University of Iowa's Homecoming concert and selling out Wooly's in January for Des Moines CultureCon, their debut self-hosted festival.

The six members of LAV.ISH have since returned to the studio to work on their third project in preparation for a summer full of concerts.

Set times

Saturday @ 6:45 PM



Friday @ 6:30 PM

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