Greta & Adaline Akers

Des Moines, Iowa

Greta Akers is a singer songwriter who sings from the heart and plays in a melodic and moving way. Greta is a native of Des Moines, Iowa and has been immersed in music her entire life. Eager to get started as a musician, she built instruments from her toys before learning violin, guitar, and ukulele. She is also proficient behind the drum kit and dabbles with the bass guitar.

Greta fell in love with performing at only three years old when she sang the ABC’s at one of her mom’s music performances. Since then, she graces the stage both as a solo performer and in various bands ranging from folk to heavy metal. She followed her childhood passion for the violin by recently performing with Black Violin and violin virtuoso Genevieve Salamone. Greta also shared the bill with various local artists through the years. Whether in a group or on her own, large venue or intimate coffee shop, Greta captivates her listeners of all ages with her clear voice and distinct musical style.

She started writing songs at first as a way to express herself and be heard, and later to share her thoughts with the world. Mountains of notebooks with scribbled lyrics line her room. When asked about her compositions, she says, “Music is the truest thing I have.” Greta is constantly seeking to hone and refine her craft as a songwriter and musician.

Those talents are highlighted in her 2018 debut album, “Carousel”. An accumulation of memories from summer camp on “In This Band” and school years on “Teenagers” snapshots Greta’s young experiences. The songs are tender and gentle at times, but never sugar coated. Standouts include “Bookmark” and “Willow Tree”, which are specific views from Greta’s life, whereas “Song for James” is written in honor of a war veteran who took his own life while suffering from PTSD. Greta continues to expand her musical palette.  Her future release will will be a diverse range of material, adding hints of R&B to her soul vibe. Her upcoming single, “Tell Me”, should be hitting waves soon!

Regardless of genre or style, it is Greta’s ability to articulate a feeling into a song that draws her audience in. It is poetry put to music, which is the essence of a songwriter.

Set times

Saturday @ 4:15 PM

Gen Z Showcase