Closed Format presents Disco Demolition

Des Moines, Iowa


On July 12th, Closed Format presents Disco Demolition in memory of the event that took place on the same night exactly 40 years prior.  On that night, the Chicago White Sox and the Detroit Tigers had a doubleheader scheduled at Comiskey Park in Chicago.  The games were cut short by a promotional stunt where disco records brought to the game by anti-disco attendees were blown up in the outfield in a massive explosion.  The event was considered by some to be the death of disco.  However, from that time the beat continued to morph and grow into the current global dance culture that Closed Format represents.  Each year Brad and Jeana Goldman create a journey at 80/35 that is both visually stunning and relevant to the current state of global dance music culture.  This year the duo will take attendees on a journey both backwards and into the future, melding classic disco with next generation of fire on the dance floor.

Set times

Friday @ 9:30 PM