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80/35 and the DMMC are incredibly dismayed by the recent legislation passed by the Iowa Senate targeting transgender youth. For 14 years, our festival has worked to foster a diverse and welcoming community to contribute to the cultural life of central Iowa. Discriminatory bills – particularly those directed towards youth – will undo so much of what we and countless other individuals and organizations have worked to create in our communities.
Bills like those currently in the Iowa House pose an existential threat to events like 80/35 – artists can (and do) choose not to perform in places where they do not feel welcome, and young musicians and music fans will choose not to live in Iowa because of the impact of these policies and the message they send. We strongly urge our representatives to think of the cultural and economic impact of this legislation before their actions erode the cultural vitality of our communities.
You can find additional community resources, including information on the law and what to do next, from the following organizations:


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